The 8,300 ft. High Altitude Experience Awaits

Improve Performance. Gain the competitive advantage. Ride some of the same routes used in the U.S. Pro Challenge. It's Here AND It's Now, in the Cycle Mecca that is the Rocky Mountains. THE high altitude cycling place to be IS the Colorado Cycling Camp.


Colorado Cycling Camp is high altitude training at its best. Located at an elevation of 8,300 ft., above picturesque Nederland, CO, the camp is just 17 miles west of Boulder. Surrounded by the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, you'll experience epic road riding and mountain bike trails, and just outside of Boulder is the Boulder Valley Velodrome.

Partake in training the pros have for years and glean the advantages of sleeping and training at high altitude. Ride through mountain passes and on roads at 12,000 ft. and above; meander through pristine forests and then descend like never before! You can even test your fitness as we drive you for free to any number of local bike races year round in Boulder and the surrounding area.

Experienced riders, racers and teams are all sure to benefit. Whether incented to attend to hone climbing/descending/cornering skills or to train your body to become more efficient using less oxygen while maintaining energy, in the end the goal is to improve endurance and thus performance.

At Colorado Cycling Camp we serve 3 meals per day, you just need to ride, eat, sleep and nap to enjoy your stay. Leave the hospitality of a clean, comfortable stay and unforgettable home cooking to your hosts Aldo Sfalcin and Renee Schroeder.

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